Pleated Scarves

Wearing a Pleated Scarf

It is not intended to be worn out in the rain and snow. Moisture is the enemy. If you do end up outside in wet weather, tuck your scarf under your coat collar, or protect it in some other way.

Storing a pleated scarf

Your scarf should be stored in a dry environment either hanging on a padded hanger or loosely rolled with nothing resting on top of it.

Cleaning a pleated scarf

Never hand wash! If it must be cleaned, it may be dry cleaned with no steaming or pressing.

Traveling with a pleated scarf

Your scarf will be safest in a ziplock bag with some air to keep it from getting crushed.



Flat Scarves and Clothing

Wear and care

Flat scarves and clothing should be treated delicately like any fine wearables. To remove wrinkles, use a steamer or medium iron on the underside of garments. Use a press cloth to iron scarves which do not have an underside.


Dry cleaning is the recommended method.